Who We Are

Who We Are

JDT Worldwide is a manufacturer and supplier of luxurious hotel bedding including both top-of-the-bed items as well as operating supply items. We are very focused on working with leading hotel brands, management companies, owners, innkeepers and other key industry partners to design and develop bedding that is reflective of today’s residential look as well as bedding that truly enhances the guest experience.

Our core strengths include a comprehensive understanding of textile design and development, over 100 years of combined textile and textile manufacturing experience, 60-plus years of combined worldwide sourcing, and approximately 30 years of specific experience in the hospitality industry with a focus on operations, procurement and hospitality brand positioning. This broad range of expertise allows JDT to engage in a customer-based needs assessment that integrates the perspectives of the key stakeholders and end users of our products. Our strength is in our ability to combine the aesthetics of design with our understanding of operations (product performance) and assist in the development of products that deliver the best overall value.

Company History

JDT commenced operations in July of 2003 with a group of industry experts from various textile and hospitality backgrounds. We started the company with a contract from Marriott International for decorative bedding. We then worked directly with Marriott to design, develop, source, and distribute a major bedding roll-out in 2005. Since then we have expanded our customer base to many other major hotel brands, purchasing companies, hotel-ownership companies, small inns, B&B’s and hospitality design firms. Today we have a worldwide reputation for innovative design, luxurious quality products and on-time delivery. As we look to the future our goal is to continue to be a world-class company that listens to our customers and understands their desires and expectations—and then exceeds those desires and expectations.

Company Culture

When JDT was formed the owners made some very distinct decisions on what they envisioned JDT to be and what they envisioned JDT not to be. We envisioned JDT to be a very flexible company. One of the things that we saw in the textile side of the hospitality industry that creates inflexibility is the owning of a factory that needs to be filled with production. We made a very conscious decision to find manufacturing partners that would allow us to manufacture domestically while maintaining our flexibility to go to global sourcing depending on the specific project parameters and what would be best for our customers.

In being a flexible company, we believe that we can look for textile products from a global perspective. There are luxury products that are best manufactured domestically and there are luxury products that are best manufactured overseas and imported. We had a goal to be able to find the best solution for our customers and that requires the flexibility we built into the company.

We envisioned JDT to be a company that brings the best value to our customers. When we talk about value we think of a direct relationship between quality, service and price. We know there are no free moves and that all parts of a product and a project are interconnected. We do our best to provide the best possible value to our customers as they have defined that value.

We envisioned JDT to be a company that listens and learns.  We are committed to listening to what you, our customers, want and need. Once we understand what you are looking for, we have the expertise to make your dreams and ideas come to life. We are about listening and learning from our customers.

We welcome you to experience what we can offer to you.